Plane Crash
November 15th
Final class update:
This is what I will be turning in for my final, but I am continuing work on it over the following months. Things that still need to get done are as follows.
Spray/Foam Sim
HOT integration
Potentially Re-Shade pyro
Render Pyro inside of Flip explosion at the end
Render my life away.

October 29th
Class 15 update:
This may look like a visually small update, but a large amount of resimming has occured. The fire is resimmed and finished now. The water sims and explosions in the water sims have been started and their workflows have been figured out. So its mostly just straight simming and rendering from here to the finish!(assuming all goes well).
New Fire:

Explosion and lowRes water sim:

Upres'd water sim(133 million particles):

So the water sim is definitely overkill, but I figure I have all this ram so I should probably use it...Plus it looks cool!
A few skinning/shader tests with the water. Straight beauty, no spray.
Skinned: No Shader

Skinned: Crappy Shader

Skinned: With Filtering, Shader with Attenuation

October 10th
Midterms update:
This is actually a combination of a few weeks of work, I've just been lazy and updated nothing. What see below is close to final fire, bullet, smoke, flak and rigid body sims for the first half of the shot. I may be resimming the fire as I really don't like its motion in relation to the speed the plane was traveling, but thats a decision I'm going to sleep on as it will drastically effect how far I can go with this project!

All sims combined:

Fire Sim Rendered:

Flak Sim Rendered:

Flipbook of Fire behavior:

Flipbook of the ambient smoke from the turrets on the ships deck:

September 24th
Class 5 Update
Completely remodeled the scene
Changed camera move completely (to be more accurate)
At this point textures are low priority for the project, FX are the front focus seeing as I am behind schedule.

This is the new Flipbook with updated scene geo, new camera, and Rigid Body wing breaking for the base of the pyro sim.

Hoping to head to charleston at some point to get some nice reference ontop of the USS yorktown

This is a video testing the bullets being shot at the plane on black, not final but a good test.

And these are some of the test's I've done on creating Flak for the air. Uses a combination of pops and pyro, and is fully simulated.

September 9th
This is the start of my studio 1 project at SCAD, and I'll be documenting my work over the quarter here. The goal is to recreate the footage found below fully in CG.

Things to note are that for my final render I'll probably steady the camera a bit, just to show off more of the simulation near the end, and I might comp the people in the original footage over the final renders. This project has its strongest focus on FX, but all elements will be pushed as far as possible within the time limit.

This is my first attempt at the camera and geometry match, and what I will be working from for the rest of the project.

With the original footage overlayed

Also a turn table of the base texture maps for the plane.
NOTE: I did not model either plane in the shot.
Plane Modeled by Geoff Sills (once he gets a demo reel it will be linked here, as he is a fantastic modeler)